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Michelle Boucher

I have always loved art and all things creative. It has always been apart of my life and has seduced me in the best way possible. It is my therapy, my outlet, my voice and my spirit. I am art.
I remember an assignment in a high school English class, “write about your future self”. My 16 year old mind envisioned that by age 30 I would be living in the Serengeti of Africa as a famous artist. Big dreams! Well… how about being a recent transplant to Olympia, WA who left my career costuming for film to become an artist? Sometimes realizing your dream takes unexpected detours and takes a little longer than expected... I’m fine with that.
I was obsessed with animals as a child. That’s all I ever drew. Whether mythical or real, you name it and I probably drew it. The obsession continues.
As a student at a fashion institute I became familiar with recreating the female form for fashion illustrations. I have learned to have a deep appreciation of the human body for all of it’s intricacies. 
Art, for me, is about connection... connection to people and a connection to nature. I strive to reflect this in my paintings. We are all connected.

Self Portrait
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